Helideck Inspection and Aftersales

The Aluminium Offshore (AOPL) experience does not stop at product delivery. With the ever changing operating environment and the challenges that our customers face, our team is always here to provide support for your preventive maintenance and upgrading needs. With over twenty five years of successful operations, we are able to provide qualified advice in the field of after sales service. This ranges from engineering and design for refurbishing; to offshore site-specific surveys and analysis.

Helideck Inspection / Annual Inspection Packages

As E&P continue moving into ultra-deep water, aviation related rules and guidelines are continuously changing to ensure that the operational safety requirements are being met. This involves constantly reviewing helideck compliance issues which could be tedious for our customers to track. To give our customers peace of mind, AOPL is introducing our very own annual inspection packages. Customers who opt for this annual inspection package can ensure that their helidecks and equipment are fully compliant and updated with the latest regulations after expiration of the standard warranty. Each package covers a 3-year period commencing from the expiry date of the initial contractual warranty.

As of May 2015, we are pleased to announce that UK CAA International (CAAi) now validates Aluminium Offshore helideck inspection reports in accordance with UK CAA CAP437. CAAi is a globally recognized aviation consultancy and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA). This partnership adds new value to the extensive list of AOPL helideck after-sales services that will assist our clients with enhancing their maintenance programs.

More detail in Press Release – CAAi Validation of Helideck Inspection Reports for Aluminium Offshore

Our inspections include:

  • Helideck operation and safety
  • Friction testing
  • Markings inspection
  • Helideck structure and equipment inspection
  • OFS and LOS compliance check
  • Verifying of required documents

Addition of Touchdown/Position Marking Circle and H Lighting System to Existing Helidecks

A pioneer in helideck development, AOPL developed a unique, in-house procedure for this installation. We are the first company in the world to receive UKCAA International certification on the compliance of the installation design to CAP437 (details available on request). Click here for more details.

AOPL's 1st TD/PM Circle & H Lighting System Installation
AOPL's 1st TD/PM Circle & H Lighting System Installation

Helideck Friction Test

AOPL provides surface friction measurement for both aluminium and steel helidecks in compliance with ICAO and UK CAA regulations. Our tests and equipment are specifically developed to measure skid resistance on helideck/helipad surfaces painted or unpainted.

Friction Test Equipment
Friction test equipment
Test Equipment Calibration
Test equipment calibration
Our Test Equipment On A Helideck
Our test equipment on a helideck
Friction Report
Friction report

Perimeter Safety Net Drop Load Testing And Netting Replacement

Wear and tear is inevitable during the lifespan of the helideck netting hence periodic checks should be conducted to ensure serviceability. This is especially so because different helideck manufacturers use different helideck netting materials. AOPL provides drop load testing that is certified and witnessed by classification society. This ensures that our customers’ helideck nettings are HSE compliant and safe for use. For its own projects and for retrofits, AOPL prides itself on providing a twenty year warranted corrosion free marine-aluminium safety netting which helps customers reduce their total cost of ownership and the hassle of preventive maintenance.

Forklift Vehicle Ready With Test Load
Forklift vehicle ready with test load
Placement Of Safety Net For Drop Load Test
Placement of safety net for drop load test
Ensuring Minimum Height Drop For Test Load
Ensuring minimum height drop for test load
Execution Of Testing Load On The Safety Net
Execution of testing load on the safety net

Engineering Services

Our engineering services include:

  • Providing site inspections and recommendations for helidecks to ensure compliance to the latest design codes (CAP437, NORSOK, NMA, NORMAM 27).
  • Carry out detailed studies and design for existing helidecks intending to undergo upgrading and refurbishing works.
  • Gap analysis and required modifications when a vessel is operating in a new area and requires operating region compliance (e.g. CAP437 to NORMAM 27).
  • Provide suitable fully automated fire-fighting system for Normally Unmanned Installations (NUI).
  • Design the new Circle and H lighting system for seamless fitting onto existing or new decks
Eng 1 0
Eng 2 0

Spare Parts and Components Supply

We provide helideck related system equipment:

  • Foam Monitor System (FMS)
  • Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS)
  • Helideck lighting system (Perimeter lights, flood lights, Circle and H lighting and windsocks)
  • Miscellaneous accessories – Landing net, aluminium signage, tie-downs

We can provide customized services to suit your organization requirements. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at +65 6316 1232.

Case Study

Maui B Platform – Upgrading of Aluminium Helidecking

The existing Maui B Platform helideck by AOPL was originally designed and installed in the early 1990s as an octagonal 17.5m helideck for a skid mounted Bell 212 helicopter (MTOW of 5080kg).

We were awarded the upgrading job to design, manufacture and supply XE enhanced safety decking to replace the old aluminium decking to cater for Transfield Worley’s new and heavier Westland Augusta AW139, MTOW 6.8T. Transfield Worley also requested for a design MTOW of 7.5MT to cater for a 10% extra potential load capacity.

The upgrading job scope included:

  • To re-deck the old aluminium decking with our new XE enhanced safety type aluminium alloy decking
  • To install the deckings offshore using minimal lift facilities, scaffolding and with zero hot work
  • To replace the old tie-downs and associated helideck accessories
  • To provide new central gutters and perimeter gutter covers and downcomers
  • To provide new support brackets for perimeter lights and flood lights
  • To design new helideck surface marking

The new XE enhanced safety decking was delivered to site (Plymouth, New Zealand) in November 2013. Under AOPL’s offshore supervision, the new decking was successfully installed on existing structure within 7 days, an amazing feat considering working in an offshore environment.

Transfield Worley has expressed deep appreciation for a job well done and the helideck is fully operational in such a short span.

New XE Enhanced Safety Decking Successfully Installed On Existing Structure Within 7 Days Under AOPL Supervision
New XE enhanced safety decking successfully installed on existing structure within 7 days under AOPL supervision
AOPL Supervisor And Client’s Assembly Team
AOPL supervisor and client’s assembly team