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Helideck Support Structure

Carrying forward the advantages of using an aluminium helideck, an aluminium support frame becomes a logical next step.

We design and build these frames and support structures and then pre-fabricate and trial fit them at our factory. They are then packed in containers and shipped to you in knocked down form. Re-assembly requires fasteners only and is an extremely quick process. A typical support frame for a 22m deck requires just 1 week for assembly. In contrast, a steel support frame requires between 8 to 12 weeks for fabrication, blasting and painting. No painting is required for an aluminium support frame.

Helideck Support Structure

Aluminium alloy support frames offer great advantages:

  • 60% weight savings over steel equivalent
  • Completely maintenance free
  • 1 week assembly (against several months for steel)
  • Light weight reduces lift requirements
  • Cost effective against steel
  • Re-usable and recyclable


I was personally Impressed by the thinking behind the fire containment properties of the helideck to provide passive safety on its own

Bernard Valois, Chairman of the Rescue Fire Fighting Working Group

The fire demonstration was well-organized and very convincing. The design offers weight and maintainability advantages, as well as the very effective fire retardant system.

John Hannay, Area Director
United Technology Sikorsky

We are pleased to award you with a Special Recognition Award (Safety) Certificate for achievement in the field of HSE in the category “Aviation Fires Risk Downrated” for 2005.

Yousef Omair bin Yousef, CEO

…must say that I was impressed by the fire containment capabilities of the deck. The effectiveness of water in putting out the fire was clearly significant.

Jim Tuggey, Director
Bell Helicopter

The staff at AOPL were extremely professionall, very efficient and timely in all their dealings with us, from negotiations to design details and construction, and right through to certification.

Dr. John Gilmore, Project Director
Mater Health Services

All the pilots at our heliport have unanimously expressed praise for this new helideck, especially the fit and finish of this product, which replaces an old rust-pront deck. We trust the high standards of design and manufacture will be upheld…

Captain Raz Zoers, Head of Aircraft Services
Shell Brunei

I expect any potential improvements to what is already an excellent product will only emerge as a result of operating experience.

Simon Fraser-McKenzie, Senior Development Engineer
Shell UK
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