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Street Furniture

Aluminium Offshore is a pioneer in the design and supply of aluminium alloy street furniture in Asia.

First to invent and produce the Quicklock™ railing system, the first all-aluminium bus and taxi shelters, the first all aluminium street signage system, the first all-aluminium sheltered linkways.

Aluminium alloy is the perfect material for any modern city’s urban landscape. Easily shaped for sleek, modular and functional designs, aluminium structures are durable and ideal for resistance against corrosion in and require little or no maintenance for stakeholders.Our innovative aluminium concepts and designs are in use by local transport and environmental and park authorities for public infrastructure throughout the country.

Every design we produce is tested against six criteria:

  • is it going to last? Both in terms of design and durability
  • is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Is it easy to replace or maintain?
  • Is it easy to install?
  • Have all functions been incorporated into the sections?
  • Is it economical to produce?

QUICKLOCK™ Pedestrian Handrailings

QUICKLOCK™ is a revolutionary new aluminium barrier and railing system that has taken the industry by storm.

It is a customised modular system that offers limitless permutations and structural possibilities, yet is stunningly simple to install. As simple, in fact, as assembling the pieces of a child’s construction play set.


  • Is fast to erect
  • Requires no special tools
  • Minimises the use of fasteners
  • Eliminates the need for welding and other hot work
  • Uses simple snap-on joints

There’s more. Because it is made of aluminium alloy, QUICKLOCK™ is light yet strong, durable and maintenance-free. Compiling with the latest international design standards, QUICKLOCK™ is also aesthetically pleasing to boot.

Quite simply, QUICKLOCK™ has demolished the, well, barriers to traditional railing systems.

Maintenance Free

  • Marine grade aluminium alloys
  • Documented maintenance-free service life exceeds 30 years
  • Stainless fasteners
  • No painting required
  • No maintenance means no road safety hazards during maintenance phase


  • Our structural aluminium alloys have the same tensile strength as mild steel
  • System is designed for maximum robustness and safety
  • All components tested in actual road conditions
  • Components are vandal resistant

Flexible and Modular

  • Modular design for maximum flexibility
  • Easy damage repair
  • Designed to cater for difficult site conditions
  • Special components allow turns and bends in the system

Superior Aesthetics

  • Unique extruded shapes
  • Extrusions allow secondary services to be concealed within
  • Wide range of designs, finishes and colours
  • Numerous design permutations possible with the same components


  • Designed to international standards on public safety
  • Rounded corners and smooth surfaces
  • No protruding parts
  • Recessed or hidden fasteners and rounded bolt heads

Quick Installation

  • Patented QUICKLOCK™ joint system enables easy assembly
  • Completely weld-free construction
  • Diskonnect™ turning mechanism allows up to 270° turns
  • Light weight aids installation and reduces transport cost
  • Less public disruption during installation

Cost Savings

  • Cost effective in initial installation
  • Significant whole life savings in maintenance cost
  • Lower transport and installation costs


  • 30 years unconditional warranty against any structural corrosion

Street Signage Systems

Aluminium Offshore has supplied over one hundred thousand street signs. We designed a novel aluminium alloy street signage system for the Singapore LTA in the year 2000. This system was extremely flexible, allowing signs to be installed onto a variety of street infrastructure such as traffic lights, lamp posts and vertical supporting poles.

  • Durable, designed for continuous exposure to all weather conditions
  • Modular system allowing full flexibility with components
  • Maintenance free materials throughout product life.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design Vandal and damage resistant
  • Easy to install, replace or modify

Design and Manufactured in accordance with

  • BSEN 1999
  • BS 1471
  • BS 1490
  • BS EN ISO 3501
  • BS CP3 Chapter V.
Multiple Signs
Center Mounting
Top Center Mounting
Side Mounted Signage
Double Mounting Post
Side Mounting

Aluminium Bus and Taxi Shelter

In 2003, AluminiumOffshore was awarded a contract by the Clear Channel Group to design and manufacture bus and taxi shelters which were concept designed by renowned architect Richard Meier. The main challenge was to “aluminize” traditional steel designs to make them more durable and more suitable for the local tropical climate With a can-do spirit and innovative team, Aluminium Offshore made history when Singapore became the first Asian country to install contemporary aluminium bus and taxi shelters on its public roads. Like all our aluminium products, our bus shelter system adheres to the same concepts of modular design, light weight, quick installation and maintenance free materials while retaining the sleek aesthetics of the original design.

National Library (Back View)
National Library
Orchard Link
Victoria St (Opposite NLB)
Victoria St (Hotel Grand Pacific)
Victoria St (Bras Basah)
Stamford Rd (SMU)
Stamford Rd (SMU)
Selegie Rd (Peace Center)
Orchard Blvd (27m)
Orchard Blvd (Before Tomlinson)
Orchard Road (YMCA)
Orchard Road (YMCA)
Orchard Turn (Taka)
Orchard Turn (Wisma)

Aluminium Alloy Sheltered Linkway System

Developed in conjunction with Singapore Land Transport Authority, Aluminium Offshore designed and installed its first aluminium modular linkway at Tiong Bahru Road in the year 2003. This linkway connects Tiong Bahru MRT to the bus stop and has sheltered commuters from sun and rain for over 13 years. The structure has been completely maintenance-free since installation. Unlike steel structures which corrode and require constant maintenance, our modular linkways are built completely from high strength, corrosion resistant alloys. The linkway is pre-fabricated to speed up installation and to minimize disruption to pedestrian movement and traffic flow. Site assembly only requires bolting into place and does away any form of welding works which are generally dirty, noisy and hazardous to the public. All cabling and wiring for electrical services is concealed and yet easy to access for maintenance. The aluminium profiles can be powder coated to any range of colors to suit local districts or neighborhood themed aesthetics.

Linkway In 2001
Bolted Design
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