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Aluminium Offshore Delivers Gina Krog Helideck

Aluminium Offshore Reaffirms Strong NCS Position

Rooftop Helipad for Rockhampton Hospital, Queensland, Australia

Pioneer in the Design & Production of Aluminium Alloy Structures

Aluminium Offshore and its subsidiaries have built up a reputation for impeccable design, flawless execution and solid customer service. As one of the largest specialist design-and-build companies in the world, we offer a complete design, supply and assemble package to customers who are looking to upgrade traditional steel and concrete helidecks to lighter and more corrosion-resistant aluminium ones.

Innovations Backed by Patent – A Landing Pad with a Built-in Fire Suppressor

Innovation is key not only to our success but also to our leadership in the field of Enhanced Safety Helidecks. Our constant, relentless push for iterative improvements in safety and product design has awarded us yet another patent in 2012 for our latest, most advanced landing pads equipped with built-in fire suppressors.

More on XE Enhanced Safety Helideck by Aluminium Offshore – a patented, passive fire-retarding system


Since Our First XE Enhanced Safety Helideck was Installed, 1 July 1988

Why Aluminium

Why Aluminium is the perfect material for your helidecks.

Takes Less Than 4 Sec to Suppress a Fire

Find out more about the XE Enhanced Safety Helideck.

Clients Put Their Lives in Our Hands

Hear why clients around the world trust us.

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