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Which Helideck?

Your Safety Requirement

With the XD Standard helideck and the XE Enhanced Safety helideck, you can choose between two types of helidecks to meet your safety requirements.

XE Enhanced Safety Helideck

  • Installations that require enhanced Safety for heli-operations
  • Frequent landings
  • Safety as paramount consideration
  • Unmanned triggering of safety measures (when coupled with DIFFS)
  • Helideck located above living quarters / wheel house / bridge
  • Helipads located above hospitals / buildings

XD Standard Helideck

  • Installations with no special safety requirements
  • Occasional landings
  • Cost effectiveness as key consideration

Add-ons For Additional Weight Savings

We can also supply other aluminium structures to further reduce weight and minimize life cycle maintenance while maintaining the same level of safety and reliability.

Upgrade existing helidecks with:

  • Support structures
  • Walkways
  • Stairs and platforms
  • Antennae towers
  • Slip resistant floor decking
  • Handrails
  • Bridges
  • Mudmats
  • Stair towers
  • Living quarters
  • Other custom-made structures

Standards and Regulations

Our aluminium helidecks can be designed in accordance with various international and national rules and standards. Choose the rules that apply to your installation, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your needs.

CAP 437

  • Helideck size: 1 x D-value
  • Perimeter safety net
  • Zone 1 lighting
  • Water DIFFS allowed for XE Enhanced Safety helideck

Norwegian Rules (NMD/Norsok)

  • XE Enhanced Safety Helideck with built in passive fire retarding feature (Norsok)
  • Helideck size: 1.25 x D-value
  • Aluminium support truss (Norsok)
  • Perimeter safety net (NMD)
  • Perimeter walkway (Norsok)
  • Zone 1 lighting (special requirements on illuminance level)
  • Foam monitors / DIFFS
  • Dual agent

Other Rules

  • ICAO
  • SOLAS / MODU compliant
  • USCG
  • Normam 27
  • Others
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