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Aluminium Offshore Reaffirms Strong NCS Position

The Norwegian Continental shelf is a key area in the development of new and innovative products and services to the oil and gas industry. Aluminium Offshore has over the past years delivered 14 helidecks to projects on the NCS. With its focus on safety and providing cost effective solutions, the company is set to continue its progress in this region into 2016.

“The North Sea market is a key market to us. The regulatory requirements are high and the clients and users demands are equally tough. Over time we have proved that Aluminium Offshore solutions are competitive compared to all other solutions, and we are committed to strengthen our position and build further NCS presence in 2016”, comments Neelesh Uppal, CEO of Aluminium Offshore.

Aluminium Offshore has delivered 14 helidecks to projects on the NCS and has 2 more projects ongoing. Further salient statistics are shown at the bottom of this page. In addition, the company is well positioned for further awards.

We are happy that Aluminium Offshore has been nominated yet again by Apply Leirvik to design and build the next helideck for Statoil on the Johan Sverdrup project

Among the numerous helidecks delivered to date are the Ekofisk Greater Area 2/4L for ConocoPhillips and the Gudrun project for Statoil. The latter has throughout the course of 2015 contributed a significant amount of learning for us, leading to an improved offering. The Gudrun helideck delivered by Aluminium Offshore was supported by steel under supports from its sister company, Apply Leirvik. A recent report made by the client Statoil concluded that cooperation between the two suppliers – and Statoil as the client – needs to be improved. Several measures have been taken accordingly ever since.

“We’re pleased to note that the aluminium helideck construction, which was approved by DNV and Statoil before installation, again has been confirmed to meet the quality standards set. Having said that, we are committed to strengthen the partnership with Apply Leirvik and thus to deliver improved solutions. We believe the partnership, with our aluminium knowledge and experience, and the local NCS presence and competence from Apply Leirvik, would make our offer very competitive in all dimensions. Our policy of continuous improvement shows us to be a forward looking company , motivated by serving clients better”, says Neelesh Uppal.

The E&P industry is undergoing a period of cost cutting to improve competitiveness while maintaining a strong focus on high QHSE standards. On the NCS, Statoil is a key proponent in these two areas so any vendor engaged will also need to share the same vision. We are happy that Aluminium Offshore has been nominated yet again by Apply Leirvik to design and build the next helideck for Statoil on the Johan Sverdrup project, currently the dominant newbuilding activity on the NCS.

“The industry is undergoing a tough period, but we firmly believe that it is in times like these the industry dynamics open up for improved, cost effective solutions such as standardization, fitness for purpose and reduction in unnecessary documentation. In fact, we have several cost saving proposals, sent to clients and awaiting their approval. We are committed to contribute to and support such initiatives, and look forward to a 2016 where we have a clear goal and ambition to reaffirm our strong position on the NCS”, says Neelesh Uppal.

Salient Statistics for Aluminium Helidecks:

  1. Number of aluminium helidecks completed/ongoing to date: 484
  2. Number of completed projects carried out for Norwegian owners :   27
  3. Number of completed projects built to meet NMA/Norsok requirements:  14 for Norsok and 32 for NMA.  Total:  46 helidecks
  4. Number of on-going projects to NMA/Norsok requirements: 2 ( Gina Krog FSO and Martin Linge)
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