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Enhanced Safety Helideck for Brisbane Hospital

Enhanced Safety Helideck For Brisbane Hospital

Mater Hospital in Brisbane, Australia is currently installing an XE enhanced safety helipad on their rooftop for EMS.

The old practice of landing helicopters in adjacent fields and carparks and then ferrying EMS passengers to the hospitals is slowly giving way to the much more efficient and modern system of landing directly on the hospital roof. EMS cases can then easily be transported directly via sloping ramps to emergency facilities in the hospitals. This also frees up safety marshals and allows the pilots a trauma free landing. The concern however is that the helipad should incorporate advanced safety features which eliminate any fire risk from a helicopter crash incident on the roof. This is accomplished by installing an XE Enhanced Safety helideck with an in-built, passive fire suppression system which retards and extinguishes any fire on the deck within seconds and automatically.

Mater Hospital is equipped with a 27.5m X 24.5m XE Enhanced Safety helipad and designed to land both Bell 412EPs and the new BA 109 tiltrotor helicopters. The helipad is fitted with a state of the art, water spray DIFFS fire fighting unit which is automatically triggered by UV/IR sensors mounted at deck edge. It has the latest helideck zenon floodlights and LED perimeter lights for a complete safety package. The helipad rests on a modular, all-aluminium support structure which minimizes roof loadings and allows landing loads to be taken directly by building columns.

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