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Aluminium Offshore Delivers Maui B Platform Aluminium Helidecking

Aluminium Offshore Delivers Maui B Platform Aluminium Helidecking

The Maui B Platform is operated by Shell Todd Oil Service and is located in the Tasman Sea, 35km off the South Taranaki coast and to the southwest of New Plymouth.

The existing Maui B Platform helideck was originally designed and installed in the early 1990s for a skid mounted Bell 212 helicopter with a MTOW of 5080kg, the helideck was octagonal in shape and 17.5m in diameter.

The owner – Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS), advised by AOPL, carried out a study and found that the helideck support structure and girder frame could withstand the loads for their new and heavier helicopter which was to be a Westland Augusta AW139. However, the existing decking would have to be upgraded to a heavier loading capacity.

AOPL was awarded the upgrading job to design, manufacture and supply XE enhanced safety decking to replace the existing aluminium decking, to cater this new and heavier helicopter.

The project was awarded to AOPL and the new XE enhanced safety decking was delivered to site (New Plymouth, New Zealand) in November 2013. Under AOPL’s offshore supervision, the new decking was successfully installed on the existing structure within 7 days and the entire installation completed in early December 2013.

Our client has expressed their thanks for timely completion for this project. This was the first assembly project that AOPL had carried out where we had to allow for emergency landings on the platform while it was being upgraded.

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