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Aluminium Offshore Installs 1st Touchdown/Position Marking Circle and H Lighting System

Aluminium Offshore Installs 1st Touchdown/Position Marking Circle And H Lighting System

April 2014 saw yet another milestone in the history of Aluminium Offshore: the successful completion of our first installation of the new TD / PM Circle and H lighting system on a jack up rig at Keppelfels yard in Singapore. This comes after more than 6 months of intensive research and development on the best method to integrate this state of the art lighting system onto our aluminium helidecks. A pioneer in helideck development, Aluminium Offshore developed a unique, in-house procedure for this installation. We are also the only company in the world to receive UKCAA International certification on the compliance of the installation design to CAP437 (details available on request).

The process, which uses a combination of special fasteners and sealing compound, took just 5 days to complete; a remarkable achievement, considering that over a thousand holes were drilled on the helideck. All of these remained watertight after the flood test was carried out. All the water was still able to be channelled away effectively from the helideck as proper drainage was considered during the design of the layout. All these factors emphasize the importance of using a properly researched and tested method and well trained manpower for such installations.

The lighting manufacturer was also on site to complete the commissioning, guaranteeing a working system to the customer before rig delivery.


Q: Who needs to install this lighting system?
A: According to CAP437, it is mandatory for all new builds following the CAP437 civil aviation standard to be equipped with this new lighting system. Existing installations have to be retrofitted by 2018.

Q: How much does a complete system cost?
A: The cost varies for different helideck sizes, maker and control panel “EX” rating. For an official quotation, please drop us an email at [email protected] or call us with your requirements.

Q: What is the lead time for such a system?
A: Approximately 12 – 16 weeks.

Q: How long will the installation take?
A: Approximately 5 days, assuming an on-ground installation with a 5 man crew; other factors like on-board, offshore installation, lighting manufacturers, etc may increase the installation duration. We expect this time will improve as our learning curve accelerates.

Q: Can this system be retrofitted on an existing helideck?
A: Yes, all our parts are designed for surface mounting for easy retrofitting purposes. This also reduces the need for scaffolding and down time.

Q: My helideck is made of steel. Can it be retrofitted with this system?
A: Yes, in fact, the first such installation in the world was done on a steel deck. We have also developed a separate set of procedures for affixing onto steel decks.

Q: What are my power requirements to install such a system?
A: Approximately 300W.

Q: Can I install this system on my own?
A: While it may appear simple, the actual installation of the Circle and H system involves drilling thousands of holes on the helideck, routing of cables on deck and perfect alignment of the system tolerances. Remember that the helicopter will land directly on these lights for the lifetime of the helideck. Durability and fatigue have to be considered and any leakage through holes could mean leakage of jet fuel through these holes also in the event of a fuel spill. Just as catastrophic would be loose parts flying off during helicopter operations which might result in accidents and fatalities. Sufficient drainage also has to be properly designed to avoid water ponding on the helideck surface. Aluminium Offshore strongly recommends that customers use a trusted installer with a strong track record for installation of this system or at least, supervised by an experienced installer with tested installation procedure.

Q: Will a warranty be provided?
A: Yes, all helidecks with the TD/PM Circle and H lighting system installed / installation supervised by Aluminium Offshore will continue to be warranted under our standard warranty clause.

Q: Will the helideck warranty from Aluminium Offshore be affected if I install these lights on my own?
A: Yes, the warranty on our helidecks will be void if any holes are drilled or any modifications are done to the helideck without the proper supervision of our trained staff.

Q: Will any special tools and fasteners be needed? If so, will they be included in your package?
A: Yes, special tools, fasteners and sealants will be required for the installation and they will all be provided in our package.

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