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XE Enhanced Safety™ Helideck by Aluminium Offshore - a patented, passive fire-retarding system

The XE Enhanced Safety™ Helideck was first launched in 1988 by Aluminium Offshore Pte Ltd as the Astech® passive safety helideck. The new XE Enhanced Safety helideck makes improvements to the system and incorporates a patented, passive fire-retarding system which works by allowing burning fuel to atomize through an aluminium mesh screen. Following successful public testing of the deck in 2008, the UKCAA amended CAP437 to allow installations with passive safety decks to dispense water in lieu of foam for the fire safety system of the helideck.

Our innovative safety features make it become the preferred option for offshore/onshore installation across the globe.

AOPL has worldwide patents for XE Enhanced Safety™ Helideck:

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