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Johan Sverdrup Enhanced Safety™ Helideck 2017

Johan Sverdrup is one of the largest oil discoveries ever made on the Norwegian continental shelf. With expected resources of between 2.0—3.0 billion barrels of oil equivalents, it will also be one of the most important industrial projects in Norway in the next 50 years.

The Johan Sverdrup helideck is the 9th helideck which we have supplied to Statoil.

This is a significant milestone for us as it shows the confidence Statoil has in Aluminium Offshore.

In our continuous efforts to improve our products, we made some design changes to the safety helideck and applied it for this project. The result is an Enhanced Safety™ helideck with even faster fire suppression capabilities, lower maintenance and inspection requirements and lower weight than the previous design. As with all new designs, a fire test had to be carried out to verify its effectiveness. This was conducted successfully in June 2016 and attended by (among others) representatives from Statoil, ABS and DNV.

We also used CNC machining in this project for very high accuracy drilling so that extremely low tolerance fitted bolts can be used during assembly. The helideck surface was grit blasted to achieve the CAP437, 8th edition requirement of over 0.6mu friction coefficient without painting.

Some details of this helideck:

  • Fully Norsok compliant
  • XE Enhanced Safety™ helideck with built in, passive fire suppression
  • 1m XE Enhanced Safety™ helideck with a full perimeter walkway
  • 5m high all-aluminium support truss
  • Design Helicopter: Sikorsky S92, MTOM 15 Tons

Our Norwegian sister company, Apply Leirvik A/S, built the aluminium living quarters while the helideck design and build package was awarded to Aluminium Offshore Pte Ltd. The helideck is currently being assembled at APPLY Leirvik site at Stord, Norway.

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