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Mid-Autumn Snow Skin Mooncake Making with Seniors from RSVP’s Enriching Lives of Seniors Programme (ELSP)

Mid-Autumn is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese around the world with indulgence in Mooncakes, a rich pastry traditionally filled with sweet bean paste or lotus seed paste, with or without egg yolk(s) typically covered by a thin crust.

Today, mooncakes have been infused with innovative new flavours, including ice cream, durian and chocolate fillings or even snow skin or jelly crusts. In fact, mooncakes can be easily made at home for those with innovative mind and mindful eaters.

As one may have guessed, mooncakes sold in the market are generally high in sugar and should be eaten moderately especially by the seniors. This year, AOPL aims at creating and demonstrating how to make a healthier version mooncake for the seniors.

On 21 September 2018, volunteers from RSVP and AOPL has jointly organised a mooncake making session with seniors from the Orange Valley nursing home. Mooncakes made of low sugar fillings in creative shapes were created. All seniors were able to re-create the mooncakes and bring home their tasty creation to savour, thanks to the guidance from the volunteers.

This has to be one of the most meaningful events to bring smiles to the seniors just before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Photos by RSVP Singapore

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