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XE Enhanced Safety™ Helideck in New Zealand

Christchurch Hospital redevelopment project is set to be the largest hospital redevelopment project in the New Zealand’s history delivered by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. In fact, Christchurch has the busiest trauma centre in New Zealand with a seen 40% increase in emergency landings in the past three years. Despite this, patient care was compromised by the extra 13 minutes required for the transfer of emergency patients from the helicopter landing site in Hagley Park to the hospital. Interestingly, this is the same amount of time to fly a patient from Akaroa to Christchurch.

AOPL team has worked very closely with the Ministry of Health NZ in the design and buildability study during the early phase of this project. One major consideration was the Acute Services Building has to be designed to withstand and continue to operate in the event of earthquakes to ensure a safe environment for all stakeholders. With this in mind, our helipad was designed to meet the extremely stringent 1 in 2500 years horizontal earthquake forces which is up to 2.5 times the total weight of helipad and helicopter.

AOPL is proud to announce the successful delivery of our first onshore XE Enhanced Safety™ helipad in New Zealand – a 27 x 28.8m 7MT MTOM helipad complete with a 5.3m width x 4.7m length aluminium link bridge to the lift lobby in February 2017.

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